When I first started all "this" I wasn't really doing anything or going anywhere, there was never really a plan.

A few B&M hauls on Instagram and all of a sudden I'm sharing my madness and encouraging you all to do the same!

Next thing there are Workshops, journals, calendars...and people are asking me what I do...

What do I do? I don't do anything....I'm just being me!

But I realise that I do have a plan....and have so many ideas.

Telling people to go here for this and there for that  and DM's and WhatsApps...I'm all over the place!

I need a shop front...a one stop shop that I can send people to.  So in 2022 where else than a website.

And here we are!

While I'm very, very slightly tech savvy (well I'm better than my Mum....but in my husbands eyes I'm a dinosour)- web design was definitely out of my league. Or so I thought. I found this template and spent alot more hours than any web designer would for something so basic, but I can say "I DID IT" all by myself.  

It's a work in progress so please go easy on me! 

I've also never thought about writing a blog but I saw this on the template and thought I might as well.

So welcome to my shopfront - here you will find muddled me and all my random thoughts, positive mindset, events, courses, shop and anything else I think you might find interesting - no 2 posts will be the same.

If you enjoy it please follow me on Instagram for the daily madness @j800jf - and please, please tell your friends and share the love.

Lots of Love & Positive Vibes